Truck Washing

Blue Power Wash onsite mobile truck washing service keeps your trucks looking like new!

We clean all vehicle sizes and types (vans, box trucks, oil trucks, buses, tractors, trailers & tankers).

We utilize a high-quality three-step, hot water cleaning process to remove heavy grime, grease & road film from the surfaces of your vehicles that is very efficient and affordable. We thoroughly brush surfaces to make sure they are clean. Our “Power-Shine” Truck Wash detergent has built-in paraffin waxes and leaves a beaded shine finish.

Our goal is to consistently deliver sparkling clean results that will keep your vehicles looking like new! Our professional truck cleaning technicians utilize the safest and most effective cleaning methods in the industry and adhere to all regulations keeping you environmentally compliant.

  • We block off storm drains with our drain-seal system preventing dirty wash water into storm drains.
  • We vacuum up the dirty truck wash water with our industrial vacuum system and safely remove it.
  • We treat and discharge the dirty truck wash water.
  •  We operate 7 days a week.
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