Residential House Washing

Is your exterior siding and roofing riddled with black and green mold and algae? Mold and Mildew can be found almost anywhere as it can grow on virtually any substance when moisture is present, and can be a risk to your health and wellbeing, triggering asthma attacks and other allergic reactions as well as off gassing harmful VOC’s into our environment.

Let Blue Power Wash restore your homes exterior surfaces to like new condition! Our custom hot and cold-water pressure washing system is safe for cleaning all types of exterior surfaces including, vinyl, aluminum, painted, stained and even natural cedar. Our expertly trained power washing specialists can remove unsightly staining and bacteria from the exterior of your property. At Blue Power Wash we use an ecologically safe alternative. Our “Vital Oxide” detergent can effectively be used on all areas of your homes exterior surfaces removing unsightly mold and bacteria. Vital Oxide has shown long-term effectiveness against mold and mildew regrowth for up to 7 months with one treatment and that is why we guarantee our service for up to one year.

Other power washing companies are known to use can strong chemicals like chlorine bleach that may trigger health problems, they produce trihalomethanes (THM) and haloacetic acids (HAAS) which are unsafe to humans.

Homes on Well Water

We supply the water. If your home is on a well and you are worried about running out of water, don’t worry, we will bring the water. We treat our supplied water with water softeners to leave your exterior surfaces streak and spot free. Our custom mobile wash trucks are equipped with large water storage tanks that carry enough water to clean an average size home. Avoid the cost of running your well dry and running out of water by hiring a trusted professional, Blue Power Wash has you covered.

Services We Offer

  • Roof Washing, of Cedar Shakes, Asphalt Shingles and Rubber roofs
  • Exterior Siding Washing of all types, Painted, Stained, Aluminum, Vinyl and Natural Cedar
  • Interior and exterior gutter cleaning. (Removes black streaking from the exterior surfaces)
  • Deck Washing
  • Patio Washing of stone & concrete
  • Pool areas
  • Fences wood, plastic
  • Masonry walk ways, walls
  • Drive way washing (Asphalt, Cement, Masonry)
  • Swing sets, Jungle gyms, Patio furniture
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